What makes Raith unique is the range of its products and services, covering dedicated systems for productive and industrial applications right through to flexible solutions for multiple technique academic research.
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Select the nanolithography system that best fits your need––we offer the broadest range of nanofabrication instrumentation

Electron and Ion Beam Lithography, Nano- and Reverse Engineering, Upgrades for SEM, FIB-SEM or HIM

Raith’s broad nanofabrication portfolio offers the right solution for all your nanofabrication challenges. Whether you are seeking a nanolithography system to write your industrial or academic applications, want to choose from a broad selection of ions for focused ion beam lithography, or already have an SEM / FIB-SEM and are looking for a way to expand its use to nanofabrication, Raith has the optimal solution for you. Furthermore, we offer lithography systems with nanoengineering options and SEM-based solutions for large-area image acquisition. Whenever nanostructures need to be created or observed, look what Raith nanofabrication, imaging, and lithography systems can do for you to get the best out of your applications. Team up with Raith for a lifelong partnership in nanofabrication.

Dedicated Electron Beam Lithography Systems Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography Systems FIB-SEM Nanofabrication System Nanolithography Upgrade Kits Dedicated Reverse Engineering System Dedicated Electron Beam Lithography Systems
Shaping the Future of Nanoscience

The EBPG5200 high-performance nanolithography system enables up to 8-inch capability at 100kV. It offers full automation and high resolution to generate leading-edge lithography for both operations at centers of excellence and semiconductor fabrication.

Find out more about the EBPG5200 high-resolution lithography system
Access 100 kV lithography

The EBPG5150 offers 100 kV lithography optimized for a wide range of direct write applications for academic and industrial environments. With high resolution, extensive automation and fast throughput, it offers an affordable solution for substrate sizes up to 6 inches.

Find out more about the EBPG5150 direct write lithography tool
Speed up! Fast, smart, innovative, and economical

With its innovative architecture, attractive cost of ownership, and specifications designed to deliver maximum accuracy at fast writing speed, the VOYAGER nanolithography system lowers the entrance barriers for high-speed Electron Beam Lithography.

Find out more about the VOYAGER Electron Beam Lithography system
Bridge your technology needs

RAITH150 Two direct write tool offers ultra-high resolution EBL with good imaging capability. Sub-8nm structures can be achieved on sample sizes from a few mm to 8-inch wafers, while the thermo stabilization supports demanding exposures even in difficult environments.

Find out more about the environment-tolerant RAITH150 Two e-beam writer
Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography Systems
Discover nanoengineering beyond Electron Beam Lithography

The versatile multi-technique nanolithography system combines an EBL system with an open platform for further nanoengineering processes. With a range of different options, the eLINE Plus is the most versatile and unique nanoengineering EBL system available.

Find out more about the versatile and unique eLINE Plus nanoengineering EBL system
Best of both worlds: Direct write and direct view

The EBL-SEM hybrid system combines state-of-the-art nanolithography and analytical SEM imaging in a single tool. PIONEER Two defines a new and unique class of affordable professional Electron Beam Lithography systems for both nanofabrication and SEM-based analytics.

Find out more about PIONEER Two, the EBL tool that also allows SEM imaging
FIB-SEM Nanofabrication System
Discover FIB-SEM where FIB truly comes first

Choose the VELION for your nanofabrication requirements and benefit from a new FIB-SEM instrument in which FIB is the true priority technique. Supported by a field emission SEM and Raith´s unique Laser Interferometer Stage VELION meets the most demanding requirements both in R&D nano prototyping as well as sample preparation and microscopy.

Find out more about the FIB-SEM system VELION
Nanolithography Upgrade Kits
Unlock the full nanopatterning potential of your SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM

ELPHY MultiBeam supports your existing SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM for advanced nanolithography. It includes all comprehensive multi-technique nanopatterning functionalities and delivers highest placement accuracy and resolution.

Find out more about how ELPHY MultiBeam makes nanopatterning possible with your SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM
Accelerate your SEM or FIB-SEM

ELPHY Plus supports the upgrade of your existing SEM / FIB system, turning it into a lithography tool. With its separate electronic rack unit and Raith’s unsurpassed software user interface, this pattern generator is the ideal complement for your FE-SEM or FIB system.

Find out more about ELPHY Plus, the SEM accessory that turns your SEM into a lithography machine
Start nanofabrication now

ELPHY Quantum lithography attachment offers the most economical access to professional nanolithography. The entire workflow is integrated in a single user interface, making ELPHY Quantum the ultimate universal and flexible lithography attachment for your SEM or FIB.

Find out more about ELPHY Quantum, the attachment that supports SEM lithography
Dedicated Reverse Engineering System
True large-area image acquisition

CHIPSCANNER scanning electron microscope solution provides large-area serial SEM imaging for reverse engineering, brain mapping, and any other application requiring nm resolution over cm² and excellent layer-to-layer 3D accuracy for reconstruction.

Find out more about the CHIPSCANNER large-area high-resolution 3D SEM system

The best available technology paired with the best service and support

The best available technology offers a unique and lifelong partnership model between nanofabrication experts and Raith at each career step. With every Raith nanolithography system, you gain access to a worldwide support and service structure with free application support and software support hotline. Raith will accompany you at every step of the process, and provide answers whenever you have questions. Raith also offers affordable service concepts once your nanolithography system is installed. Read more about our support and service concept here

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