Raith offers innovative solutions for electron beam lithography, FIB nanofabrication, nanoengineering and reverse engineering.
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More than electron beam lithography

FIB nanofabrication, lithography upgrades for all focused electron and ion beam microscopes and instruments for reverse engineering ideally make up the broadest portfolio for nanolithography and nanofabrication available in the market.

Electron Beam Lithography and SEM / FIB-SEM / HIM Upgrades

Raith offers innovative solutions for Dedicated Electron Beam Lithography, where batch production, compound semiconductor devices or pure nanolithography play an important role in research, development and production.

Additional product categories range from Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography, allowing for several and different application techniques, to Nanolithography and Nanofabrication Upgrade Kits. The latter are an ideal attachment solution to all focused electron and ion beam microscopes. 

FIB nanofabrication

Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication introduces new process pathways, like milling, deposition or etching, and is therefore an ideal complement to Electron Beam Lithography. In addition to FIB milling, hard masking, maskless ion implantation and surface functionalization are further ion beam techniques making nanofabrication more efficient. Moreover a range of new ion species beyond gallium are available for enhanced processing and imaging.

Dedicated Reverse Engineering

The CHIPSCANNER is Raith´s unique and proven Dedicated Reverse Engineering solution for large area SEM applications such as anti-counterfeiting, intellectual property protection, and device obsolescence.


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