Dedicated Electron Beam Lithography

Dedicated Electron Beam Lithography Systems fullfil the automation and throughput requirements of industrial clients and centers of excellence offering nanolithography services.

Shaping the Future of Nanoscience

The EBPG5200 high-performance nanolithography system enables up to 8-inch capability at 100kV. It offers full automation and high resolution to generate leading-edge lithography for both operations at centers of excellence and semiconductor fabrication.

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Access 100 kV lithography

The EBPG5150 offers 100 kV lithography optimized for a wide range of direct write applications for academic and industrial environments. With high resolution, extensive automation and fast throughput, it offers an affordable solution for substrate sizes up to 6 inches.

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Speed up! Fast, smart, innovative, and economical

With its innovative architecture, attractive cost of ownership, and specifications designed to deliver maximum accuracy at fast writing speed, the VOYAGER nanolithography system lowers the entrance barriers for high-speed Electron Beam Lithography.

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Bridge your technology needs

RAITH150 Two direct write tool offers ultra-high resolution EBL with good imaging capability. Sub-8nm structures can be achieved on sample sizes from a few mm to 8-inch wafers, while the thermo stabilization supports demanding exposures even in difficult environments.

Find out more about the environment-tolerant RAITH150 Two e-beam writer

Leading edge nanolithography systems

Leading edge and qualified performance data are delivered with the required repeatability. Professional service and parts supply provided by the most experienced and largest team of EBL engineers and logistics is a mandatory requirement for taking full benefit of these dedicated EBL systems.

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