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Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography

Leading edge research in nanotechnological disciplines shall not be limited to certain techniques and processes only. Raith´s Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography systems combine the required flexibility of open platform instruments with the performance expected from nanolithography systems.

Discover nanoengineering beyond Electron Beam Lithography

The versatile multi-technique nanolithography system combines an EBL system with an open platform for further nanoengineering processes. With a range of different options, the eLINE Plus is the most versatile and unique nanoengineering EBL system available.

Find out more about the versatile and unique eLINE Plus nanoengineering EBL system
Best of both worlds: Direct write and direct view

The EBL-SEM hybrid system combines state-of-the-art nanolithography and analytical SEM imaging in a single tool. PIONEER Two defines a new and unique class of affordable professional Electron Beam Lithography systems for both nanofabrication and SEM-based analytics.

Find out more about PIONEER Two, the EBL tool that also allows SEM imaging

Inlens detectors, FEBIP, and nanomanipulation

A major advantage for the nanofabrication process is the capability to identify and qualify nanostructures by inlens electron detectors. Focused electron beam induced processes – FEBIP - and in-situ nanomanipulation expand the range of built in nanofabrication techniques.

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