Nanolithography Upgrade Kits

Raith offers the ELPHY TM product family, that enables existing scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), focused ion beam microscopes (FIBs), helium ion microscopes (HIMs) or dual beam systems (FIB-SEMs) to deliver nanolithography applications (nanolithography attachment).

Unlock the full nanopatterning potential of your SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM

ELPHY MultiBeam supports your existing SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM for advanced nanolithography. It includes all comprehensive multi-technique nanopatterning functionalities and delivers highest placement accuracy and resolution.

Find out more about how ELPHY MultiBeam makes nanopatterning possible with your SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM
Accelerate your SEM or FIB-SEM

ELPHY Plus supports the upgrade of your existing SEM / FIB system, turning it into a lithography tool. With its separate electronic rack unit and Raith’s unsurpassed software user interface, this pattern generator is the ideal complement for your FE-SEM or FIB system.

Find out more about ELPHY Plus, the SEM accessory that turns your SEM into a lithography machine
Start nanofabrication now

ELPHY Quantum lithography attachment offers the most economical access to professional nanolithography. The entire workflow is integrated in a single user interface, making ELPHY Quantum the ultimate universal and flexible lithography attachment for your SEM or FIB.

Find out more about ELPHY Quantum, the attachment that supports SEM lithography

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