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100 kV Technology, Stitch-free Lithography and more

Raith´s broad technology portfolio for nanofabrication includes electron and ion beams, from low to high energy electrons (20 eV up to 100 kV), for flexible research use and industrial type system automation, mass filtered ion optics to deliver Gold, Silicon, Germanium beyond Gallium, stitch-free-lithography techniques, and emerging processes like beam induced deposition and etching and high precision reverse engineering.

Nanofabrication and SEM Instrument Technologies

Raith enables access to SEM applications that require stability, stage precision, and automation.

Besides ultra-precise automated image capture of large areas, Raith technology offers automated SEM Metrology functionality by operating any turnkey system in a “CD-SEM like” manner. True large-area SEM can be performed by using various detectors with Raith´s unique Laser Interferometer Stage.

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