Electron Beam Technology

100 kV EBPG

The EBPG culminates more than 45 years of experience in electron beam lithography. Excellent engineering, with careful introduction of innovations, striving for stability and maximum performance, places the EBPG in a class of its own. The 100 kV electron column, fully automated sample handling and benchmark setting software are essential for industrial clients as well as centers of excellence in nanofabrication.

50 kV eWrite

The eWrite technology built into VOYAGER is the key to highest performance EBL in terms of writing speed and resolution. The new developed 50 kV electron optics, the 50 MHz pattern generator, and state-of-the-art data handling enable today´s pressing applications in photonics and security labelling.

30 kV Gemini

The 30 kV Gemini electron optics technology delivers state-of-the-art lithography performance below 10 nm linewidth. The unique Gemini lens and inlens SE detector offer the highest quality SEM imaging. Raith instruments based on this technology are the workhorses for nanofabrication facilities around the globe.

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