Ion Beam Technology

Ion Beam Technology: 35 kV - nanoFIB Three with advanced gallium technology

Raith’s proprietary source and column technology advances FIB to the performance level of a lithography tool and truly defines a new state of the art in FIB technology. The nanoFIB Three has evolved to meet all the critical requirements of advanced nanofabrication like long-term stability, placement accuracy and high resolution. Due to its liquid-flow optimized ion source and the patented emission control the nanoFIB Three provides guaranteed low drifts in probe current and beam position during continuous long-term operation. The ion column is optimized by design for highest resolution and excellent beam spot characteristics showing a narrow central spot and record low beam tails for high resolution nanofabrication.

Ion Beam Technology: 35 kV - nanoFIB Three with IONselect multi-species technology

The IONselect technology is a unique upgrade path for the nanoFIB Three column to expand beyond gallium with new ion species. A liquid-flow optimized alloy ion source and low aberration ion selector integrated into the optics enable easy switching between multiple ion species from a single source. The high resolution and stability of the nanoFIB Three is preserved while using e.g. Si or Au ion beams with excellent handling. This multi-species ion beam technology allows for unique yet-to-be explored techniques in enhanced nanofabrication and imaging at the sub-10 nm scale.

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