Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography
Photo of the system for EBL, imaging and nanoengineering eLINE Plus
Discover Nanoengineering beyond Electron Beam Lithography
Ultra high resolution Electron Beam Lithography, Imaging and Nanoengineering
Photo of electron beam column of the nanoengineering system eLINE plus
Gemini-type e-beam colum for broadest nanoengineering application bandwidth

Nanoengineering and more with the swiss army knife for nanofabrication

Most versatile nanolithography system 

eLINE Plus is the optimum, widely distributed system for universities and research centers that want to combine an Electron Beam Lithography system with an open platform for further optional nanofabrication processes and techniques in a single tool.

Fully integrated nanomanipulators for e.g. nanoprobing, a gas injection system for FEBIP processes and a range of further options complement the uncompromised lithography system architecture and make eLINE Plus currently the most universal and unique nanoengineering EBL system in the world.

Nanoengineering, nanomanipulation and focused electron beam induced processes (FEBIP)

  1. Advanced TFE electron column offering the world´s smallest beam size
  2. Open and upgradable platform concept
  3. Wide range of nanofabrication processes
  4. Multiple detector concepts for unprecedented flexibility in mark recognition, imaging and analytical applications
  5. Unique stitch-error-free writing modes, traxx and periodixx
  6. Raith NanoSuite: comprehensive software interface with all modules fully integrated

Expandable research tool concept

With eLINE Plus´s modularly expandable research tool concept, you can upgrade and adapt your system to latest trends in nanoresearch even long after your system purchase. By spanning more than the “classical EBL application range”, eLINE Plus opens doors for interdisciplinary activities – across many fields of research.

The smallest electron beam size of 1.6 nm in the world, delivered by an EBL system, represents an undeniable prerequisite for exploring the highest resolution nanofabrication beyond frontiers – whether in nanolithography or other focused electron beam induced processes (FEBIP).


eLINE Plus Product Details

Main Application:
  • Nanolithography
  • Nanoengineering
  • Nanomanipulation, nanoprobing, nanoprofilometry
  • Focused Electron Beam Induced Processes (FEBIP)
  • SEM imaging & analysis

  • 4“ full travel
  • Large Z travel
  • Rotation and tilt option
Column Technology:
  • Gemini
  • Electron
  • 30 kV
  • Inlense SE detector
  • Energy selective BSE (EsB) detector option

Unique Writing Mode:
  • traxx
  • periodixx


eLINE Plus Downloads

  1. eLINE Plus Product Brochure(PDF)
  2. Raith Nanofabrication and SEM Instrument Technologies Brochure(PDF)
  3. Application Note traxx(PDF)
  4. Application Note AFM attocube(PDF)
  5. Application Note nanoprobing of nanowires(PDF)
  6. Application Note periodixx(PDF)
  7. Product Portfolio Brochure

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