Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography
Photo of the perfect EBL SEM hybrid system PIONEER Two
Best of both worlds: Direct write and direct view
Ultra high resolution Electron Beam Lithography and Scanning Electron Microscope Imaging
Laser Interferometer Controlled Stage with integrated rotation/tilt for professional EBL and SEM imaging
PIONEER Two Laser Interferometer Controlled Stage with integrated rotation/tilt for professional EBL and SEM imaging

SEM imaging meets electron beam lithography

Compact, uncompromised and affordable Multi Technique Electron Beam Lithography

PIONEERTM Two is the ideal solution for all universities and scientists with equal requirements for both an Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) system and an analytical Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Conceptually, the PIONEER Two defines a new and unique class of instruments and is the first true EBL/SEM-hybrid available.

PIONEER Two integrates all highest performance ingredients for professional EBL and SEM into a single complete turnkey system. Versatility, robustness and user-friendliness make PIONEER Two suitable for all those seeking not only to “print” and re-inspect their nanostructures, but also want to access an analytical tool with capabilities for chemical and structural analysis in material or life sciences.

EBL and SEM imaging

  1. Integrated most recent thermal field emission (TFE, Gemini column) technology with 1.6 nm beam size (smallest e-beam diameter within a professional EBL system in the world)
  2. Laser Interferometer Controlled Stage with modular full sample holder rotation and tilt (thus preserving full SEM capabilities) for professional EBL with highest positioning accuracy
  3. Modularity and best price performance for all research budgets: configurable system with application specific options for speed, automation and SEM-analytics
  4. True multi user management: No „user interference“ by user-specific log-in, design data, process flow and parameter file administration, users find “their system” as they have left it
  5. Various detectors available (ET-SE, inlens SE, inlens EsB, AsB, EDX ...) for optimum EBL mark registration, SEM-imaging and SEM-analysis
  6. Compact system architecture with small footprint

Much more than an SEM-pattern generator combo

PIONEER Two is the next affordable step from a pattern generator upgrade kit towards professional EBL. Compared to a state-of-the-art SEM with a (proprietary or third-party) pattern generator and e.g. a piezostage, the PIONEER Two is a complete turnkey EBL system at a very competitive price - integrated, supported and serviced by a single trusted vendor.

With highest precision Laser Interferometer Controlled Stage technology on board - an absolute MUST for a professional EBL system - PIONEER Two can meet guaranteed EBL system specifications beyond comparison.


PIONEER Two Product Details

Main Application:
  • Nanolithography
  • SEM imaging
  • Material and structural analysis

Column Technology:
  • Gemini
  • Electron
  • 30 kV
  • Inlense SE detector
  • Energy selective BSE (EsB) 
    detector option
  • 2“ full travel
  • Large (vertical) Z travel
  • Full rotation and tilt
    (integrated optional)


PIONEER Two Downloads

  1. PIONEER Two Product Brochure(PDF)
  2. Raith Nanofabrication and SEM Instrument Technologies Brochure(PDF)
  3. Product Portfolio Brochure

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