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Photo of the ultra-high resolution electron beam lithography and imaging system Raith150 Two
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Ultra high resolution Electron Beam Lithography and Imaging
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Photo of 8-inch wafer loading procedure for EBL exposure with the e-beam writer RAITH150 Two
Loading procedure of 8-inch wafer for automated sample transfer into the RAITH150 Two chamber

E-beam writer with ultra high resolution and thermo stabilization

Precision and environmental tolerance

Since its introduction, the RAITH150 Two has established itself as a bestseller among universal, high resolution Electron Beam Lithography systems. It is used in research and nanotechnology centers worldwide and has proved its robustness in 24/7 use.

The RAITH150 Two exposes structures smaller than 5 nm and works with sample sizes from a few mm to 8-inch wafers.

The system stability, even in difficult environments, required for demanding exposures is made possible by a thermally stabilized and environmentally tolerant shield.

Ultra high resolution and imaging

  1. Sub 8 nm lithography
  2. Low kV exposure and imaging
  3. System automation
  4. Sample handling up to 8"
  5. Split room setup / thermo stabilization

Pure research and small batch production

Hardware and software automation allow easy and repeatable jobs for small batch production.

RAITH150 Two´s high resolution electron column in combination with various detectors allows unprecedented flexibility in mark recognition and process control.


RAITH150 Two Product Details

Main Application:
  • Nanolithography
  • Imaging
  • Low voltage Electron Beam Lithography



  • 6“ full travel - 8“ wafer handling
  • Large Z travel


Column Technology:
  • Gemini
  • Electron
  • 30 kV
  • Inlense SE detector
  • Energy selective BSE (EsB) detector option 

Unique Writing Mode:
  • traxx
  • periodixx


RAITH150 Two Downloads

  1. RAITH150 Two Product Brochure(PDF)
  2. Raith Nanofabrication and SEM Instrument Technologies Brochure(PDF)
  3. Product Portfolio Brochure

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