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Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication

FIB complements the overall nanofabrication process by providing various direct patterning or masking techniques. Direct milling, etching or deposition helps to simplify the nanofabrication process and minimize process development efforts. Resistless hard masking, ion implantation, and surface functionalization can be used for selectively modifying a material or directing a subsequent processing step, besides standard resist lithography.

Discover FIB-SEM where FIB truly comes first

Choose the VELION for your nanofabrication requirements and benefit from a new FIB-SEM instrument in which FIB is the true priority technique. Supported by a field emission SEM and Raith´s unique Laser Interferometer Stage VELION meets the most demanding requirements both in R&D nano prototyping as well as sample preparation and microscopy.

Find out more about the FIB-SEM system VELION

FIB Nanofabrication beyond Gallium

FIB techniques ideally complement EBL-based nanofabrication, so that FIB and EBL become perfect partners in a system with lithography class stability, automation, reproducibility, and high resolution. Raith’s proprietary FIB technology can be upgraded for stable delivery of a range of new ion species beyond gallium, including Si and Au. These ion species can be easily selected within seconds and used for new, enhanced processing. Moreover, this technology could be extended to ion sources which are tailored for application-specific capabilities, such as ion implantation in quantum technology.



Nanopatterning and imaging with Helium and Neon 

Focused helium and neon beams open up further new pathways for nanopatterning, given their complementary strengths. These very light ions, provided from a gas field ion source, offer different beam/material interactions with lower milling rate but higher lateral machining acuity. While based on a microscope platform, the ZEISS ORION Nanofab in combination with ELPHY MultiBeam allows the patterning of ultra-fine features. Nanofabrication can be taken to the next level by using helium and neon ion beams in connection with mix-and-match approaches that utilize EBL or FIB Nanofabrication instruments. In addition, high surface sensitivity yields outstanding imaging performance.

Read more about the collaboration of ZEISS and Raith in the respective press release.

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